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This Preteen Girls Terri crammed her way onto into the third car of the Englewood-Howard subway line on her way to the loop for work It was only 7:00AM and the car was already packed like a can of sardines. After about a month of subway rides, Terri would get fed up and take her car to work, but that usually only lasted a day or two because of the horrible traffic and expensive Loop parking rates. The el was considerably faster and cheaper, if not more convenient than driving a car. On this Wednesday it seemed that it was packed tighter than normal, and Terri was pressed between a well dressed business man and a mid forties woman who smelled of Chanel No. 5

The car rocked back and forth as the train made it's way from the far north side on it's way down town. Having made the same trip thousands of times, Terri kind of put her mind in neutral and just swayed with motion of the car. She was gazing out the window at the passing apartment buildings, and hardly noticed Miss Chanel No. 5 starting to breath a little harder and more shallowly. Only when she felt the woman stiffen against her did she realize that something was up. Now looking the woman in the eyes, she could see that she was in some sort of discomfort. "Are you all right," asked Terri? The woman just nodded her head and gulped down a breath of air. For the next several stops Terri watched to see that the lady was going to be okay. Her cheeks now flushed a bright red, Terri felt the woman grinding herself into Terri and trying to hide her short gasps of air. Terri couldn't believe it, but she thought that the woman looked to be having an orgasm right on the train! She became more convinced when the woman's body suddenly went limp and her breathing slowly returned to normal.

She gave Terri a weak smile and then looked away. Terri was about to forget it when she felt the unmistakable feeling of a hand sliding up the inside of her thigh up under her skirt! "My God," she thought, "this is what happened to her fellow passenger!!!" Frantically looking around she couldn't see anyone looking out of the ordinary. She looked to see if the business man pressed against her could be the culprit. He was reading the newspaper in one hand and holding on to the over head bar with the other. "Can't be him," she thought! By now the hand had worked it's way farther up her thigh. She could feel fingers softly brushing against the front of her panties. "Should she scream?" She was sure that if she did, the hand would be gone and she would surely look like a fool!!! Now the fingers had worked their way past the elastic on the leg openings and now were moving up and down her slit. "Shit," she thought, "I can't help it, I'm getting wet!!!" Now her own breaths came more shallowly. As the car swayed too and fro it only heightened her arousal! Chanel No. 5 now looked her in the eye and in a second knew what was happening to Terri. The woman mouthed the words, "It's good, isn't it?" Terri smiled back weakly and barely nodded her head in the affirmative. Now fingers had totally invaded her vagina! She now no longer cared about anything except having her orgasm! "My clit, please hit my clit," she pleaded to herself! Finally a finger found her hard nub and began to rub it in earnest! Now Terri was the one pushing up against the other woman! This time, however, the woman pushed back just enough to help Terri keep her balance. In fact their breasts were now squished together and Terri slowly ground her's into the other lady's making her hotter the ever! their breasts were now squished together and Terri slowly ground her's into the other lady's making her hotter the ever!

Terri was now on automatic pilot, and all she could think about was that finger on her clit! She moved her hips trying to get the finger to move faster! to get the finger to move faster! As if to admonish her to be still, it stopped rubbing it all together for a few seconds. Terri didn't move a muscle and sure enough the steady, if slow masturbation continued. muscle and sure enough the steady, if slow masturbation continued Just when she thought she would make it, a slight increase in pressure and pace tipped the scales and Terri felt a shuddering orgasm flood her helpless helpless pussy pussy! Barely able to stand up, Terri slowly began to regain her composure. The next thing she knew the hand was gone and the conductor was yelling out her stop. On slightly wobbly legs Terri exited the train and headed off to work. Appearing at her side was Canel No. 5. Falling into step next to Terri she opined, "A very interesting el ride today!" Yes, " answered Terri, "very interesting!!!" Both women smiled at each other and then each disappeared into the morning rush hour crowd, both a little more satisfied than the other commuters on their way to work!

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