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Claire now started to tug Analingus at Becky's jeans trying to pull them down so she could get to that hot little cunt. After several futile minutes, Becky hunched over and slipped them over her still girlish hips. Now the only things she had left on were here bright red knee socks and white cotton panties with little pink roses on them. As Claire stared down at the young sexpot, she felt her own cunt begin to cream uncontrollably! Then she started to undress in front of the rapt youngster. As her clothes hit the floor Becky never let her eyes move from Claire's now naked form. Claire felt like a slut but didn't care, all she wanted now was to have this little cunt for herself! She slipped back down to the sofa and pulled Becky to her so that their chests were mashed together. Then they kissed each other deeply as the ground their nipples into each other! Both women were now ready to explode with lust! Claire reached down and pulled off Becky's wet panties and was hit with another surprise--Becky for her age had a very very hairy pussy!!! A thick mat of dark brown fur ringed a now gaping pair of very puffy cunt lips! Claire asked Becky if she had ever had an orgasm. Becky whispered, "Only with my own fingers!" Claire smiled, kissed her and then slid down the sofa until her mouth was breathing hot air right on Becky's hot slit! "Wh- what are you gonna do," moaned Becky? "This," answered Claire. With that one word she buried her tongue deep into Becky's quim! Within seconds she was exploding her juice into Claire's waiting mouth!!! The orgasm that swept through the young girl's body was a revelation! Afterwards, with her chest still heaving, she gave Claire a long kiss and a hug and thanked her profusely! Claire gave her a loving smile and then guided her own nipple into the satiated girl's mouth. "Shut up and eat," Claire ordered! Lesson one was just beginning.

She was running late as usual! Claire just couldn't seem to get anywhere on time. Why in the world did she ever agree to attend a lingerie party at Cathy's house? With Frank away on business and it being a week night she had had trouble finding a sitter for the twins. She was bone tired and prospect of watching a lingerie show was the last thing she wanted to do. Cathy had invited her over a month ago and had promised an "interesting evening". How did she get roped into these things?!? Oh well, a few of her other friends were going to be there, and she hadn't seen some of them in months.

When she arrived at Cathy's place she was surprised to see so many cars parked in the driveway and on the street. "Well, the more the merrier," she thought, as she walked quickly up the walk to the large imposing red front door. A hard rap on the brass knocker and the door immediately swung open by Julie, Cathy's best friend. "Com'on in Claire, and make yourself comfortable, the show's just about ready to start," said Julie as she ushered her into the downstairs rec room. "We got the house all to ourselves, Cathy's husband and kids decided to go bowling to get away from us girls!!!" Claire looked around the room and exchanged hellos with the women she knew and was quickly introduced to the ones she didn't. She had just settled down in her seat when Cathy stood up and introduced the lady who was putting on the show. Vera Lane was a strikingly beautiful woman with a large chest, medium length brown hair, and long slim legs. She was dressed in a woman's business suit that although was perfectly proper, on Vera it looked anything but proper! It seemed to cover up and intriguing unknown. Vera explained that the lingerie would be modeled by her and several of her models she had brought along with her. She would encourage the women, however, to please try on any or all of the items being shown that evening. She further went on to explain that lingerie they were modeling that evening could be ordered in red, black, white, nude, and pink. She also said to ask questions as they went along as the show was quite informal.

Claire was listening with half and ear when all at once Vera Lane unbuttoned her suit jacket and removed it along with her skirt and blouse! Underneath she wore an absolutely wicked black bra and panties set with a matching garter belt and stockings! In her five inch spiked heels she looked spectacular to say the least! By now Claire was getting much more interested in what Vera had to sell! After giving a brief rundown on the items she was wearing, she called out for Pam, a young girl of about twenty five who was wearing a red teddi. As the models would come "on stage", Vera Lane would give a brief description and pricing information. Any questions would be answered and then a new model would appear and the whole process would start all over again. After about one hour Vera said that they would be taking a fifteen minute break and then would bring on the "special" items. Claire made small talk with some of her friends, got a drink of 7&7, and returned to her chair. Seeing these young girls in the skimpy underwear had made Claire a little creamy in her panties, and although there had been no direct talk of sex, there was a definite undercurrent of arousal in the air!

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