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He stammered at the Ebony Babes for a second, but finally mumbled, "I was just admiring the way you handled those squats, it seemed pretty easy for you." She picked up her towel, wiped her face, and replied, "Well, I've been doing it for five years now, and I have a routine that I stick to, by the way my name is Quincy, but everyone calls me Quin." "I'm Carl," he said, extending his hand in friendship. Her grip was more than firm, and Carl felt his fingers being literally crushed in what seemed like a vice! "I've noticed you working out alone," she continued, "and I thought that maybe it would be more enjoyable if we did it together!" "Well," he stammered, "you are way ahead of me, and I would just slow you down....." "Nonsense," she retorted, "there are plenty of machines to go around, and when we use free weights we can spot for each other, so what do ya say!?!" Carl thought about it for a second, and nodding said, "Sure, why not, and maybe you can give me some pointers on how to build up this decrepit body!!!" She laughed an infectious laugh, and gave his arm a playful squeeze and rejoined, "Okay then, let's get started!!!"

For the next hour, Carl worked out harder than he ever had over the past year. After only a few minutes watching Quin go through her workout routine, Carl could see that he hadn't been putting in near the amount of effort needed to build his muscle mass. When they finally called it quits, it seemed that every muscle and bone in his body was screaming in pain, a condition that he certainly was not used to! While walking back to the showers, Carl hesitated and asked, "If I could be so bold, exactly how much do you weigh, your are by far the most well developed woman I have ever seen?!?" They stopped in front of the locker room doors, and Quin replied, Well, Carl, as you can probably tell, I am very proud of my body, and I've spent a lot of time working on it, and as far as my weight goes, I'm at about one hundred ninety pounds, with not an ounce of fat!" With that, she was through the door and into the locker room and out of sight. Carl took his time under the needle like jets of hot water, letting the warmth relax his tired aching muscles, his thoughts, however, were still on Quin and her magnificent body! A lot of guys would be turned off by a woman with such a large muscle development, but for some reason Carl was really turned on by her over sized dimensions! As the water cascaded over his body, his penis was becoming erect just thinking about Quin's body. He quickly grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist and headed back to his locker, where he dressed quickly, and then headed off to his car. He unlocked the door and tossed his gym bag into the back seat. He was just about to climb in when someone behind him said, "How about a cup of coffee?" Carl spun around, and was almost stunned to see Quin standing there waiting for an answer!

What Carl hadn't expected, was that Quin wanted to have that cup of coffee back at her place! She lived alone in a two bedroom apartment not far from the gym. Carl settled into one of the three chairs that were around the kitchen table and waited while Quin poured each one a cup. "Cream or sugar," she asked, pointing to the sugar bowl and "creamer in the middle of the table? "No thanks, I take mine black," he replied, while letting his eyes rove over her hard body. He was staring, but he couldn't help himself, this woman turned him on like no one he had ever met! They sipped their coffee, not saying anything for a minute or two, until Quin broke the ice with, "You like the way I look, don't you Carl?" Carl made and audible gulp and stammered, "Did I make it that obvious?!?" Quin then stood up, took him by the hand, and led him to the living room. She then pushed him gently into the over stuffed easy chair and announced, "I'm going to work out for you personally Carl, so you just sit back and relax!" Carl sat there in almost a trance like state while Quin slowly started removing her clothing. Off came her bulky sweater, under which she was nude to the waist! Her breasts, while quite large, were pulled almost flat by the huge development of her pectoral muscles. Here nipples on the other hand were large, slightly puffy and erect. She did a few poses, flexing her massive arms, then turning around to give him a breath taking view of her perfectly formed deltoids. Carl by now had a hardon you could have driven nails with, and the bulge in the front of his pants was easily seen through his dungarees. Quin licked her lips with obvious lust at the sight of the outline of Carl's hard member, her own hands gliding up and pinching her already hard nipples. Next came Quin's jeans. Now only a pink thong bikini panty was between Carl and what was sure to be a dripping wet pussy.

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