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Quin stood with her legs spread wide apart, and the thrust her pelvis forward, causing the thin nylon material to stretch hard and tight over her bulging vulva. A damp quarter size spot was visible right where her slit would be, and Carl moaned out loud while staring at the plump vagina straining to escape its nylon prison! Finally Quin tuned around and gave Carl a full look at her hard round ass, covered only in the crack by the thin line of pink cloth, while she tightened and untightened her buttocks, the muscles in her butt flexing up and down. With her back still turned, she grabbed he panties by the waist, and with one hard jerk, tore them from her pussy! Turning around slowly, Carl got his first look at Quin's clean shaven lips, above which was a small patch of dark brown pubic hair! Carl gulped when he saw it, never before having seen such finely developed female sex organs! Her lips were truly a thing of beauty, extremely puffy and full, shaved clean to show off all their natural beauty! What was really amazing, however, was that the tip of Quin's clit was visible outside her crack! Quin stepped closer so that Carl could get a better look, and he gingerly reached out and separated her lips, completely exposing her clit to the night air! "My god," he groaned, "that is the biggest clit I've ever seen!!!" "Do you like it," she asked hopefully?!? Why wouldn't I," Carl stammered, "you have the most beautiful vagina I've ever seen!!!" For some unknown reason Quin broke down and began sobbing almost uncontrollably! Taken aback, Carl was sure that he had done or said something to offend her, and he jumped up and put his arm around her and pleaded, "I'm sorry if you're not happy with me, if it's anything I said or did, I'm very sorry!!!" "Oh no, Carl," she gushed, "you didn't do anything wrong at all!" "Almost every man I meet thinks I'm just a freak, and wants nothing to do with me!" "You're the first man I've ever been with who likes me for who and what I am!!!" Carl was dumb struck, how could anyone not just fall in love with this incredible creature!?! He turned her to face him, and then taking her in his arms gave her a full deep kiss that told her all she ever needed to know about him! It had been so long since a man made her feel like a woman and not some circus side show! In a swift motion, she scooped Carl up and carried him to the bed room. As they crossed the threshold, they both laughed at the incongruous nature of what was happening! Quin lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide apart and her hands on her chest softly twisting her nipples. Carl, never taking his eyes off of her, removed all his clothing down to his shorts, the huge lump straining to free itself. Quin stared at his crotch, and reached out to caress his pecker through the thin cotton, and mouthing the words, "Show me," and Carl was only too happy to do so!

As soon as Carl's erection popped out of his shorts, a hungry mouth snatched it out of the air and sucked it in deeply. Loud slurping sounds filled the room as the cock hungry bitch ate Carl's cock like it was the last one on earth. Carl tried to warn her that he was about to shoot his load, but all that did was make Quin suck on her pecker lollipop even harder! When Carl realized she wanted to suck his sperm, he stopped trying to hold back, and let his dick head make its own decision, and that was of course to empty itself in the hot mouth of the well muscled cocksucker! As loud as Carl moaned when his cum ejaculated, Quin groaned that much louder, the result of her own self induced orgasm! Carl looked down at her crotch to see if she had used her finger on her pussy, but no, she had cum by rousing her clit, simply by squeezing her thighs together! Her face flushed with sexual excitement, Quin pulled Carl down next to her, and rolled over on top of him. He now felt what a woman must feel like when a man forty or fifty pounds heavier than herself mounts her, which was intimidating to say the least! Carl ran his hands all over Quin's upper torso, feeling the hard rippling muscles under her smooth taut skin. Escape, even if he wanted to would have been totally futile! Of course he didn't wish to escape, in fact just the opposite was true. He wanted this amazonian goddess to take and dominate him the way a man would take a delicate female! The feeling of strength and power she had over him made his penis stiffen like a piece of oak hard wood! Everything about her was hard and strong, that is except for her vagina, which was soft and puffy, and just as feminine as any he had ever touched! She kissed him fervently all over his face, giving him a deep French kiss when his fingers found her erect clit and rolled it back and forth between them. Trying to kiss and talk at the same time, she begged Carl to put his cock into her pussy, but he continued to rub her clit until she finally reached down and grabbed his pecker and guided it into her hot vagina herself!

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