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Once a mousy housewife and her husband took a Lolita Pictures room for the night. Craig wasn't expecting much action from these two, so he wasn't even paying much attention until he saw the little "mouse" practically force her husband to suck her pussy. After she was satisfied she took a vibrator out of her bag and shoved it up her husband's ass! For more than two hours they put on a show that was next to unbelievable. Craig, of course, had all of it down on tape! On many other occasions Craig had seen women of incredible beauty suck and fuck like they were five dollar whores.

Now for a motel with only ten units that only charges $25 for a single and $35 for a double. Well my friends that is exactly what Craig created when he turned his motel into an "amateur screen test"! After several weeks of taping and editing, Craig began selling his original amateur porn to adult bookstores in the L.A. area. He could get $100 a copy from at least ten different stores. The stores could then make as many copies as they needed from Craig's originals! Craig had an endless stream of new subjects just driving into his motel that were soon to become stars of the "silver screen"!

Craig's favorite situations were when two women would turn out to be lesbians. Sometimes he could get a feel for it ahead of time, but most of the time it was a total surprise. Once he had two teachers in town for a convention downtown. They were staying a the "Sunny" to save some money. They weren't in their room for five minutes before the buxom blond had her short dark haired associate on her knees eating her hairless pussy! It was quite obvious that this was not the first time she had eaten at the "Y"! Later on they both slid their pussies close together and the used a double headed dildo together. Craig couldn't believe how they worked their pussies until he couldn't see the dildo at all, it was buried deep in their gaping cunts! Both women came with each of them twisting and cupping their tits! The next morning as they checked out Craig couldn't help but smile as he looked over the two dykes!

Craig was amazed at the casualness that preceded sex. Many times a woman would be walking around the room doing everyday things when out of nowhere her husband would come up behind her and just take her right there. In most of these cases the woman was more then happy to bend over and let her man fuck her hard and fast from the rear! Craig found out that many woman were really exhibitionists around their own men. It seemed like for many of them being taken at anytime was a real turn on for most of them. The men also liked to show off for their women. When they would get a hardon it was almost inevitable that they would parade it in front of the woman, and in a lot of cases they would stand close enough so that she could touch or suck it. Many times the woman would just play with it as if it were a toy, while still watching TV or talking on the phone. Craig recalled one woman who seemed addicted to her man's cock. From the time they arrived in their room she always had a hold of it. When he went to the john to take a piss, she went with him and even held it while he relieved himself! She then led him by his cock back to the bed where she then laid her head in his lap and used his prick as a pacifier. To her it seemed that this cock was entirely hers and she could do with it as she pleased!

Once in a while something really weird would happen that even Craig couldn't believe! In most cases what ever was going on in a particular room Craig had seen something just like it one hundred times before. Maybe once or twice a month something nutty would happen. This time an average looking guy and his wife took a room for one night, nothing to excited about, right? Wrong!!! When they got into their room the two of them took on the roles of mother and baby! The husband took off all of his clothes while his wife got out a huge diaper and a pair of plastic pants! She took a can of baby powder and powdered his crotch and ass just like a she would a baby! She then put on the diaper and rubber pants and talked to him in baby talk, you know, goo goo and all that stuff. She then gave him a pacifier and made him take a nap. When he woke up "crying", she opened up her blouse and stuck one of her nipples in his mouth and nursed him for about twenty minutes. It was pretty plain to see that he now had a huge hardon in his diapers! When she saw it, she scolded him, turned him over, pulled down his pants and diaper, and then gave him a spanking! When she laid him back down on his back she played with his hard dick and it shot a ton of cum all over her and him! Mind blowing!!! Craig could get $500 for that tape!

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