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It was getting dark outside, and her husband would now start looking for her, although calling the police might not be on the agenda quite yet. She and Lemont lay on the bed, with a battery powered lantern lighting up the room. Paula caressed Lemont's cock, gazing at it with awe and wonder, never in her life having she been so taken by anyone or anything! To her it seemed to contain super natural sexual powers that made her feel like she was a slave to its overwhelming presence! The big cock was now again completely engorged and ready to go, even though only a few minutes earlier it had emptied a huge load into her willing mouth! Lemont gently stroked her hair, and then said, "Okay baby, climb on and ride daddy!!!" With shaky legs, Paula straddled him and let Lemont guide his meat into her waiting cunt. Once the head was in, she slowly rocked back and forth, driving the thick ebony satisfier deep into her tight pussy. When all nine inches were buried to the hilt, Paula sat up and wiggled her ass, making the big penis go in even deeper. She felt totally filled up, for the first time in her life she knew what it was like to be taken by a real man! It felt wonderful to be filled up, but what Paula wanted now was to be jammed, and jammed hard, so she leaned forward and lay her chest on Lemont's and whispered in his ear, "Give it to me hard, please fuck me!!!" Without saying a word, Lemont's hips began moving up and down, driving his penis in and out of the helpless pussy. "Oh my god," groaned Paula, "fuck me harder," she begged, experiencing the first real fucking of her entire life! Lemont's cock was now ripping in and out of Paula with abandoned viciousness. He rolled over, putting her on the bottom, and then continued his merciless assault on her blonde vagina! Paula wrapped her leggs around his back, trying desperately to hold on to her black fucking stud boy! She didn't think it would be possible to cum as hard as she had earlier, but as the first waves washed over her, she experienced and even harder climax! Her cunt was being battered by this black over sized monster, but it was inducing the most incredible orgasm she had ever had in her life!

While they lay in each other's arms, in a post coital euphoria, Paula kissed Lemont on the cheek and informed him she had to leave. He started to protest, but Paula explained that so far she could explain away her absence and nobody would get hurt or in trouble, but if she stayed much longer, the police would surely be involved, and then, well, he could go to prison if they caught him. He nodded his head and told her to go ahead and get dressed. When she was ready to go, he offered her the two hundred fifty dollars he had taken from her that morning. She laughed and said, "Keep it Lemont, that last fuck alone was worth two hundred and fifty bucks!!!"

Tara looked in the mirror and admired her slim tan body. 5'7" tall, 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, and not a blemish to be found! What was drawing here stare, however, was her chest. No, it wasn't big by any means, a 34b cup to be exact, nor was it her stunningly beautiful pink nipples. It was really her areolas, which were larger and puffier than any she had ever seen! They were much too large for breasts of her size, but that only seemed to make them look even sexier! It seemed to Tara that a lot of her sexuality was wrapped up in her areolas and nipples. They were in a constant state of sexual excitement, so it wasn't unusual for Tara to have her tits sucked at least two or three times a day

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